Joe Rogan Needs to Get Rid of the Seaward

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06.03.11 142 Comments

this is pretty much Joe Rogan

Here’s the short version of the story: Rampage Jackson is sort of a walking sex pervert. If you need this explained to you, check out a few of his onscreen interactions with female reporters. Maggie Hendricks of wrote up an article about how he’s kind of a creep, and why we should stop letting him treat women like jokey worthless bags of vagina meat. Reasonable, right? Well, UFC color-commentator Joe Rogan doesn’t think so.

Rogan, who is mostly famous for making desperate people eat bugs and balls for temporary fame, is one of the regressive troglodytes on the Underground forum who reponded to Hendricks’ article by insulting her writing and physical appearance, and saying she’s just jealous of the prettier reporter. Rogan’s post stands out because 1) he works for UFC, and 2) he, a grown up adult man, calls a female professional a c*nt about fifteen times.

“I think Rampage occasionally gets out of line, and I think some of what he does in interviews [is] unfortunate. I also think that’s a part of his charm. He’s not a fucking dentist, he’s a cage fighter, and he’s one with a very unique personality. I don’t think he should be given a free pass for some of the questionable things he does, but I do think that this woman in question is all kinds of c*nty. The Skywalker [who posted earlier in the thread] broke down everything that’s wrong with her and her sh*tty, c*nty brand of writing to a f**king T. That, was worthy of the #BOOM.”

Where do you even start? Preferably not in the shallow waters of an MMA forum, where Rogan can say whatever awful thing he wants and have it met with the same rah rah bullsh*t as a stiff kick to the head.

Commenter Bat21: “sh*tty c*nty?!?!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! F**k, I’m still laughing after 5 minutes. You’re the man, Joe.”

Let’s think about that for a second.

My job is not to be the moral voice of the Internet. It’s to make a bunch of terrible jokes on a sports blog. I’m supposed to take a video of a guy almost getting hit with a firecracker while playing soccer, put twenty seconds on the clock and see how many funny comments I can make. That’s my role. I understand the anonymity and consequence-free nature of the Internet. I’ve been threatened with everything from litigation to physical death, and I’ve never done more to raise the ire of humanity than post some fake chat transcripts of baseball players cursing at each other. So how hard must it be to do this as a woman, and to write about something so ridiculously “male?”

Joe Rogan is “the man.” I grew up in Southern Virginia, and when I got old enough I moved the hell away from these men. They’re cowards. Loud as a motorbike, but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, you might say. They run their mouths when they know nothing can happen to them, and clam up when it can. Rogan will jump on an MMA forum and call a female reporter a c*nt, say she’s jealous, jack off to something that looks like Victoria Silvstedt and go to bed in his Taekwondo jammies. If he gets called on it, his reaction is more violence, either emotionally or physically. I imagine Rogan is the type who challenges you to FIGHT HIM IN REAL LIFE if you call him an asshole on the Internet. You want to be a tough guy? Why don’t you come down to my (work, offices, house, wherever)!

That’s what makes him a coward. He doesn’t understand that. He probably won’t ever understand it, and people like him are what makes mixed martial arts such a brain damaged exclusivity. People ruin everything. We’ve gotten to the point where our society can’t have nice things. Joe Rogan calls a woman a c*nt, so what do we do? Half of us demand an apology and a firing, our hearts bleeding for the injustices of an un-PC world, white knighting for a woman we don’t know and probably will never meet. The other half? They post things like this in the Cage Potato comments section.

mDino Says: who cares!!! she probably is a cunt

BONGTAR Says: C*nty, bitchy, its just a word, and I dont think it was a poor choice. Lighten up a little. This is akin to a black guy being able to call a black guy n*g.. but no one else can. Woman call each other c*nts all the time…that c*nt is too skinny, that c*nts shoes are ugly, but when Joe says it….Oh my god, you have a mom and a wife and a daughter…please.

Boo Says: What a f*ggoty article this is.

El Guapo: “That word shouldn’t be in his vocabulary…” (Facepalm)Has the whole world gone gay?

And it goes on, and on, and on. But you’re “the man,” right Joe? Just like these guys?

I know Joe Rogan is a comedian, and I know how people get bent out of shape when you make offensive jokes. I made a joke about not wishing Ryan Leaf well during his recovery from brain surgery the other day and people lost their minds. The difference, I think, is context. If Joe Rogan was standing in front of a brick wall saying women are c*nts to his adoring audience of fifteen I’d say sure, go for it. I wouldn’t like it, and I wouldn’t laugh at it, but whatever, anything goes, right? Here, Rogan isn’t speaking as a stand up comedian, he’s speaking about a company he works for, standing up for somebody he likes by insulting someone he doesn’t. When he chooses his insults, he makes sure to say “c*nt” so you know he’s talking about a woman. That’s the part that sticks.

And I guess the world has gone gay. We’re all f*ggots, writing f*ggoty articles about c*nts. We put little stars in the words when we don’t want them to hit as hard. My job is to make jokes, and I’m going to do it in context and not pretend to be someone’s moral superior. I’m not going to call for an apology from Rogan, or say that he should be fired. I don’t care if he’s fired or not. Joe Rogan’s punishment is that he’s got to live out the rest of his life as Joe Rogan. He probably won’t ever understand what’s so f**king stupid about this. The next time a woman does something he doesn’t like, he’ll take a good, long look at her, decide what he doesn’t like, and make sure everybody knows it. Hashmark, boom. He’ll keep being “the man”, and the older and smarter you get, the more pitiable “the man” seems.

I’m sorry you’re like this, Joe. I wish something I could say would make a difference. I just can’t think of anything that isn’t full of stars.

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