Ken Stabler’s Brain Is Being Donated To CTE Research

07.10.15 3 years ago 3 Comments
ken stabler

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Oakland Raiders legendary QB Ken Stabler passed away on Thursday due to colon cancer. He is survived by three daughters and three ex-wives. Now, members of his family have announced that they are donating his brain and spine to Boston University’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy center as research material for the disease, according to Pro Football Talk.

Ken Stabler was a prominent member of the large group of former NFL players who filed a lawsuit against the league for, among other things, denying the long-lasting impacts of concussions and the medical benefits that they require. It stands to reason, then, that Stabler’s commitment to improving the health of NFL players suffering from the effects of the repeated traumatic brain injuries endemic to football would extend from his life into his death. It’s a noble cause to which he’s sacrificing his body — far more noble than football itself.

(Via Pro Football Talk)

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