05.28.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

Three big playoff games happened last night, two of which took place on this side of the pond.

First, the Lakers took advantage of their home floor and an errant shooting attack from the Denver Nuggets to cover the spread, limey bastards win Game 5 of the Western Conference finals, 103-94. The Nuggets managed to pull even late in the second half, but bad shot selection did them in, as Denver only shot 38% from the field as a team. Carmelo Anthony shot 9-of-23 from the field to finish with 31 points; Kobe’s 22 led the Lakers, who had five players in double figures.

In hockey, the Detriot Red Wings finished off the Chicago Blackhawks to set up a rematch of last year’s Stanley Cup Final with the Penguins. Which is cool, because I totally didn’t watch the Final last year, but how will the sequel turn out? Will it be like Star Trek II? Or Weekend At Bernie’s II? I really don’t know, but it’ll be something to watch at the bar while I get drunk by myself and think about all the bad decisions I made in life.

And FC Barcalona stunned Manchester United yesterday with a 2-0 win in the Champions League final, which is like a tournament where all the best teams in Europe play each other. Amazing that they figured this out so quickly but it took them 10 years to hammer out the Euro.

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