Local Man Thinks New Yorkers Will Drive to New Jersey to See Cursing

07.04.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

New Jersey entrepreneur Larry Blatterfein wants to open a bar for New York sports fans called “Buck Foston’s”. He says the name keeping him from getting an operating license because New Brunswick mayor Jim Cahill is a Boston Red Sox fan.

Alternate theories:

1) Jim Cahill doesn’t really care about how sports rivalries impact Shenanigans-style restaurants, but he’s one of the 99% of people who hate that “switched letters curse word” joke and knows it officially jumped the shark with John Cena’s “RUCK FULES” WWE merchandise. He also doesn’t like it when Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes breaks character and starts pissing on memorabilia.

2) Nobody cares what this guy wants to call his stupid 250 Cent Wing Night establishment, and News 12 New Jersey reporter Sean Bergin is lobbying for a position at Grantland by romanticizing a bunch of improperly-filed paperwork.

Watch the local report and decide for yourself:

I love that his only defense is “wull whattabout ‘Cluck You’ Chicken?” and that it was immediately nerfed by “chickens cluck”.

Personally, my first job as mayor would be to immediately deny and deport anybody who came to me with an idea for a family-themed restaurant or sports bar. If they proposed one with a name like “Buck Foston’s Sports Bar and Grill” (or a seafood restaurant called “Muck Fichigan” or basically any building with cuss words on it) I would skip the deportation and go straight to the firing squad.

[h/t Sports Grid]

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