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The writers of this fine site have taken time to share with you, dear reader, some of the things for which each of us is thankful. Up now at the veritable podium is Matt Ufford, WL’s founder and original daddy, and one of the few cool white people on Planet Earth. He’s also The Man at Warming Glow, the TV blog that dispenses its own sultry brand of justice. Enjoy.

Aside from the simple joy of getting two days from work to gorge on too much food, watch pro football, and get drunk with family, one of the best parts about Thanksgiving is that most people take a little time to put away their selfish, petty gripes to appreciate what they have in their lives. And I’m no different.

BOOZE: I’m thankful for bourbon. I’m thankful for single-malt scotch. I’m thankful for rye. And gin. And tequila. And even boring-ass vodka. For well-made Manhattans and dirty martinis and Negronis. For St. Germaine, Campari, vermouth, and Grand Marnier. I’m thankful for beer! Cheap-ass beer at freezing Big Ten tailgates, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale from the tap, Guinness at an Irish pub, my dad’s home-made winter ale, and my favorite beer of all: cold and free.

SPORTS: I’m thankful for cheerleaders. I’m thankful for the Seahawks, even though they suck. I’m thankful for Jack Zduriencik, who just might save the Mariners from complete ruin. For fantasy football and my savior this year, Maurice Jones-Drew. For Clint Dempsey and the World Cup and the Men’s National Team, even though they make me pull out my hair. I’m thankful for the staying power of SI Swimsuit Issue in the 21st century, and — somewhat related — I’m thankful for that picture of Scarlett Johansson that was With Leather’s trademark for two and a half years.

MAWKISH SINCERITY: I’m thankful for my loving parents, who support me even when I’m stupid, which is often. I’m thankful for the guys at Uproxx, who are dedicated to bloggers like myself and PUNTE and the rest of the guys at KSK. I’m thankful that Josh — PUNTE to the casual reader — has kept With Leather running so nicely since I left earlier this year. I’d grown tired of writing the same coach-molests-player stories, and the infusion of Toonces Photoshops and panda sex is just what this blog needed.

Mostly, though, I’m thankful that I’ve been able to spend the last three years of my life writing stupid jokes about sports and television. It’s frivolous, it’s fun, and it beats the hell out of poring over spreadsheets and expense accounts. I’m damn lucky, and I’m thankful for that.

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