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07.02.10 7 years ago

Morning Meat is WL’s daily link dump.It’s having a barbecue on Sunday just so it can see your girlfriend in a spring dress.  Send us tips at and follow WLPUNTEBurnsyShakey and Ryan on Twitter.

  • If I haven’t mentioned it a hundred times already, I’ll be covering the main event of the World Series of Poker for the next two weeks. You’ll find updates here plus a lot more on my dedicated FB page.

    Josh Zerkle at the World Series Of Poker — Facebook.

  • Here’s a good point about using music in YouTube videos. Fresh…respected.

    THE Smoking Section.

  • Much like Charles Barkley, Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” is not a role model. I’m sure those two have a lot more in common that that. Probably.

    Warming Glow.

  • Wow, those guys that created Farmville are even bigger dicks than I thought.

    Gamma Squad.

  • Here’s a fun shirt in the event that you happen to be an Eagles fan. Warning: contains F-bombage.

    The Wiz Wit.

  • You’re not gonna believe this, but Kentucky’s basketball program is now the subject of an NCAA probe.


  • Not only can you color on the walls of your parents’ house with crayon, but I guess you can carve stuff out of it, too.

    Last Angry Fan.

  • The internet’s best viral sports videos. Motocross death glaringly absent.

    Bleacher Report.

  • Underrated women of 2010. I suppose that’s better than under-shaven.


  • Instead of turning these Marvel comics into movies, they might be better suited as TV shows.

    TV Squad.

  • Somebody made an NES-style Twilight video game. Whatever. As long as I can play as Team Jacob.

    Inside Movies.

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