Listen, I know that Michael Strahan was the genius who signed a crippling pre-nuptial agreement then cheated on his wife.  But I have to think that he's happier without the queen of the idiot harpies shackled to him.  Because, having already bled him for most of what he owns, Jean Strahan is now asking her ex-husband for more money.

She once enjoyed a life of riches, spending more than $500,000 on "lifestyle expenses," another $27,000 to dress her infant twins and another $22,500 to photograph them in their snazzy wardrobe one year. Now, according to court papers, Jean Strahan is just another single mother struggling to hold onto her $3.6 million Montclair mansion and pay her $4,700 utility bills…

Strahan… does not want the Cadillac Escalade that [Michael] leased for her, sticking her with the $972 monthly payments. Instead, she said she is willing to drive a Ford. During the divorce trial, she testified she needed two cars, preferably a Range Rover or Audi A6…

Strahan was counting on receiving $525,000 annually, thanks to the $15 million divorce settlement she was awarded in January. Half of the money has already been paid. The other half, however, has been temporarily frozen by the Superior Court Appellate Division while it considers an appeal… The house is so costly, she asked her former husband in a letter between attorneys if he would be interested in buying it.

My gosh this woman is a saint.  If Mother Teresa and Gandhi had a child, it would be Jean Strahan.  The woman lives in abject poverty.  She's willing to drive a Ford, people. They make those in America. Gross!  And yet despite this, she still can only think about the welfare of others.  Wait, "yourself" doesn't count as others?  Oh.

(HT: FanHaus. Pictured: Michael with David Wells and David Bryan of Bon Jovi. Unifying characteristic: well past their prime.) 

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