04.10.07 11 years ago 11 Comments

This morning I mentioned the possibility that Britney Spears was attending more Lakers games because she might be dating Luke Walton.  At the time it was just an email from someone I don't know who heard someone else say it on the radio.  But now!  But now, the Sun is reporting it, which means this has gone from "third-hand hearsay" to "printed rumor."  Those are two totally different things in the Hierarchy of Credibility; don't blame me if you don't understand the subtle nuances.

All I have to say is this: well, it's not so much me saying anything as it is me shaking head and clicking my tongue in disapproval.  This is the Britney Spears that got fat and shaved her head, right?  And he's a basketball star in a city full of hot aspiring actresses.  I really can't believe it's true.  'Cuz if it is, the Lakers are D-U-N done.  You saw what she did to Kevin Federline.  That guy was gonna be a star

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