08.20.07 10 years ago 24 Comments

Hey everyone, pardon the slight interruption from sports douchebaggage, but I wanted to make sure all you fine pieces of ass took a few minutes to check out our bloggy network's new movie blog, FilmDrunk.  It's written by my good friend Lance Martini, and I can say that we're good friends because I've emailed him, like, four or five times.  We also both hate Entourage almost as much as we hate people who like Entourage.

Anyway, go read FilmDrunk even if you don't watch movies.  Go read it even if your family was murdered in a movie theater.  You'll still like it because (unlike this blog) it has jokes and picture captions that are actually funny.  Kinda sucks for me, because now With Leather is the third-funniest blog on the network, but whatever: I still have the best hair!  Thanks, Garnier!

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