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In February, we learned that Lou Holtz, who had built an impressive legacy at Notre Dame, only to almost destroy it at South Carolina, will lead a cadre of golden helmets onto the field one last time against a team of Japanese All-Stars from the professional and college ranks in Tokyo tomorrow. Holtz will be the head coach for “Notre Dame,” a team made up of Fightin’ Irish alumni that has spent the week practicing in Tokyo.

“It’s been a zoo,” said Holtz. “When you get older players its tough but we’re ready to go. It’s Notre Dame football and we’ll play the way Notre Dame is supposed to play.”

Tony Rice is expected to be the starting quarterback for Holtz’s team.

“I’m 41 years old and when they asked me to do this, I said ‘you know what?, I’m gonna do it.'” via.

Bad news for Notre Dame: they eat Rice for breakfast over there! Burn?

Anyway, those of you hoping to watch this trainwreck are out of luck. There’s no TV listing of the game online, plus Tokyo is, like, far away. Plus I have a feeling that Japanese football is nowhere near as entertaining as Japanese TV. And just think, shows like this are on over there all the time! Why would those people ever leave the house? via.

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