04.01.07 11 years ago 4 Comments

Drinking three-quarters of a bottle of whiskey and passing out in the john didn't reverse the results of the National Semifinal games as I hoped it would.  Those people that create point spreads know what they're doing, huh?  Oh well, at least the matches last night were exciting contests.  Um, not really.  I blame their dullness for my alcohol consumption.  (Something culpable always presents itself.)

We clearly haven't been paying enough attention to Florida and Ohio because they are showing-off like overlooked middle children.  First the National Championship in College Football, and now this.  Not only that, they also had to act out during the last two Presidential elections so we would recognize them.  OK, we get it Fredo – you can do things.  Everybody please show these states some courtesy over the next few days because watching these two schools play again for anything meaningful would be very loathsome.  I have to go now, Moose and Rocco are at the door.  I hope they'll accept a kidney. -KD

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