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The mural has long been one of my favorite art forms.  Who hasn't appreciated the work of Titian, or Diego Rivera, or greats like Michelangelo and da Vinci?  Well friends, it's time that you added Duane "Dewey" Richard to that list.  He was commissioned to create a mural for the ultimate Ohio State fan, and he came through in a big way

Over the last year Duane worked on this for nearly 5 months. The doctor who had him paint this is definitely one of the biggest Buckeye fans he has ever met.

Duane thought of everything from the big screen T.V. as the scoreboard to the green carpet as the turf, really just made the mural all come together.

That second paragraph isn't what you'd call a "complete sentence" with "acceptable syntax," but what do you want from Ohio?  Do you want correct English?  Or would you rather see football and basketball teams that are second only to the University of Florida?  Well, too bad — until the National Collegiate Grammar Rodeo gets as much attention as the Final Four and bowl games, you're stuck with great sports teams.

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