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I'm not Pablo Escobar or Tony Montana or even Lindsay Lohan, but, uh… that's a lot of cocaine. That could probably sustain Michael Irvin through an entire episode of NFL Countdown. A handsome tipster writes into With Leather:

A "friend" posted this on my fantasy football league's page. This was the caption "THIS AINT NO "COLLEGE HUMOR" EITHER, THIS IS FIRST HAND AFTER BEATING MICHIGAN".

The Buckeye in question is referring, no doubt, to the College Humor rankings that had the audacity to rank Michigan 10th and OSU 49th in "having the maximum amount of fun while putting forth the least amount of effort."

"Those assholes at College Humor don't think we can party? Oh, we can fucking party! Louanne! Cut the coke to read our state's name! That'll learn 'em!"

UPDATE: The aforementioned Buckeye didn't take kindly to a commenter's suggestion that the photographed substance is baking soda. The tipster sends this portion of an AIM chat (screen names changed, obviously):

Buckeye: that shit is as pure as i have done… and actually we ended up smoking one of the o's
Tipster: ???
Buckeye: cooked that shit up
Tipster: you cooked it up? you sick bastard.
Buckeye: know this mannn

And that sound you hear is my jokemeter clicking over to "empty." I got nuthin' left. Today, Ohio has beaten me.

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