Power Rankings: Everyone's Hornier In Texas

10.01.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

When other sites do power rankings, they’re the dumbest things ever. When we do Power Rankings, they kick so much ass that we have to change shoes halfway through.

1. Jaime Edmondson. Jaime seems to have more than one favorite NFL team. For once, I don’t have a problem with that.

2. Spank You For Smoking. The Cincinnati Reds might get violated for fining the smoking ban…or something to that effect. Leave it to that city to punish its own team for winning the division.

3. Monica Bellucci. NSFW due to amazing nakedness. Actually, the goodies are blurred out on that main page, but everything else is naughty bits for days. Thanks, Amber.

4. UNICORNS. Go here and do the Contra code…and just let the magic wash over you. Thanks, @MattJMcD.

5. Bacon. Get it with your food stamps!

6. Buffalo Bills CB Reggie Corner. I just can’t help but be amused by a guy named Corner that actually plays cornerback in the NFL. This is amazing.

7. Mustaches. I’m declaring autumn “mustache season.” Notice that I’m not “officially” declaring it so. Why do some unofficial people try to act otherwise and “officially” declare anything. Screw those people.

8. Blogs With Balls “Three and a half.” Don Povia gives us the lowdown on BwB’s invasion of SXSW.

9. The end of baseball season. The Pittsburgh Pirates are on the clock.

10. Tattoos on teeth. Gross. And yet still very, very awesome.

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