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I was trying to hail a cab recently when I saw a T-bone car crash right in front of me.  And some tightass thought I was a bad person because the first thing out of my mouth was, "So am I the only one with a boner?"  My point is, after this morning's amazing bicycle-clearing car wreck photo, this may be the sexiest day this website has ever known.

Here's the Santiago Times on the erotic video above:

Race-car driver Jordi Serón knocked down eight spectators Sunday during the Valdivia Rally. An 11-year-old girl and a 22-year-old man were severely injured. Serón is well known for his racing success and addiction to speed, and did not stop his car after running over the spectators. “I am not worried about what happened,” he said later. “Things like this often happen in this sport. I have nothing else to say for the moment.”

Right on, Jorgi.  I saw the way they were dressed.  They were totally asking for it.  You don't go out to a rally and stand on a corner just to watch the cars go by.  Oh no.  Subconsciously, they wanted it.

(thanks to Angel Eyes van Cleef)

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