11.20.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams picked up the slack left from injured teammate Ronnie Brown, and then some. Williams finished the day with 119 yards rushing and 3 TDs as the Dolphins rolled passed the Carolina Panthers, 24-17. Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme had an off-night, only throwing one pick.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano hinted his team might abandon the wildcat without Brown, who was placed on injured reserve Wednesday. Miami didn’t use the formation until the second quarter. It coincided with the Dolphins’ first touchdown drive—Chad Henne’s 14-yard touchdown pass to Williams, who wrestled away from linebacker Na’il Diggs. –Y! Sports.

Maybe this is the ether talking, but these Thursday night games seem to be boring as all hell, and it’s obvious to see why–coming back from a Sunday game and then ratcheting oneself up to play again four nights later is difficult. There’s only so much a coaching staff and a team can do to prepare in that amount of time. But the league seems happy to air them anyway, and with the matchups being as woeful as they are, the networks don’t seem to be complaining as much as I am.

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