11.03.07 10 years ago

The Russian Rugby team's shoes disappeared before their Six Nations B Cup match with Romania, forcing them to practice in their socks:

The Russia players put their boots in the (Bucharest) hotel lobby but they disappeared during a power shortage." The report added that police had launched an investigation ahead of Sunday's game in Bucharest. "The FRR [Romanian Rugby Federation] regrets the incident and will offer boots to the visiting players if they ask for them," it added.

A power shortage in Bucharest?  I don't believe it.  This is surely just the first in a long line of impending pranks that Russia will suffer at the hands of former Eastern Bloc countries.  "Ha, ha, we took your shoes, and you can't occupy our country so easily anymore."  Even Stalin would have laughed . . .before killing hundreds of thousands of people as retaliation.  In fact he probably would have laughed then too – he was a crazy bastard.  Anyway, wouldn't it be charming if the press dubbed one of the players, say Viachaslev Grachev, "Shoeless"?  And we wouldn't have to worry about Shoeless Viachaslev throwing any games on behalf of the Russian Mob.  They would never think of sinking to depths of Arnold Rothstein.  From all accounts, they're a classy bunch. -KD

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