04.29.08 9 years ago 27 Comments

Legendary AC Milan striker Ronaldo — the fat Brazilian Ronaldo who loves hookers, not the good-looking Portuguese Ronaldo who loves hookers — went out looking for a good time the other night and got himself three hookers.  Problem was, there was a little bit of, uh, false advertising.

Police said that the incident began when Ronaldo discovered he was dealing with transvestites instead of women and was reportedly infuriated. Carlos Augusto Nogueira, a police inspector, said that Ronaldo admitted he knew they were prostitutes when they met but did not realise they were transvestites until they reached the motel.

“He admitted to everything, he wanted to have fun,” Nogueira said. “But he committed no crime at all, it was immoral at best.” Prostitution is not illegal in Brazil. “Ronaldo said he is not good in the head and that he is going through psychological problems because of his recent [knee] surgery,” Nogueira added.

I don't see what the big deal is.  I mean, they were believable transvestites, right?  They're already with you at the hotel.  Might as well go through with it.  He could've probably even gotten a discount, what with, you know, none of them having vaginas.


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