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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It had a dream that we’d go trav’lin’ together.

  • Another guy that’s not exactly enjoying the Tiger Woods bandwagon

    |Rumors and Rants|

  • NBA Power Rankings with teams as famous people. I have a big problem with No. 1. But you already knew that

    |With Malice|

  • It appears that Alexander Ovechkin has himself a girlfriend. She used to be on American Idol, and she’s not terrible-looking

    |Mondesi’s House|

  • Here’s some good news for people that enjoy first-person shooter games. It’s not finally-getting-a-girlfriend good, but it’s something


  • Not sure if we ever linked to this, but yeah, smart move on the LPGA’s part, and yes, we’ll be applying

    |Devil Ball Golf|

  • Audrina Partridge was in some movie in 2005. I don’t think she was playing an instrument, though

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