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  • What is this shit about Shaq going to the Cavs? Isn’t it bad enough that we had to watch him dance in whiteface at the All-Star Game? [TrueHoop]
  • There is a Snuggie pub crawl happening in DC. Yes, people are planning to go out en masse wearing blankets with sleeves. No, I’m not making this up [Snuggie Pub Crawl]
  • Some woman is competing in the Bassmasters Classic. Hehe, that sounds like Assmasters. It’s High Comedy Friday [Bootlegger Sports]
  • This Phillies tribute book is pretty cool…unless you hate the Phillies [The 700 Level]
  • Those Braves fans are pissed that they didn’t land Griffey. [Talking Chop]
  • Do we really give a shit about this Danica Patrick tat thing? We do? Well, excuuuuuuse me [Deadspin]

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