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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. The last time it crashed on the runway, 75 passengers died.

  • Aside from Florida State, the Florida Gators haven’t played a road game out of conference in ten years. And a date with Florida International sounds like something between a walk in the park and a bye week of its own.

    Rumors and Rants.

  • Tim Lincecum probably got baked to celebrate his NL Cy Young. I could see him trying to pitch off the mound on a snowboard, just to see if it helps, man.

    Tauntr TV.

  • Jets wideout David Clowney reaches out to his fans on Twitter in his own way. He’s still more likable than Larry Johnson.

    The Jets Blog.

  • More digging on the ACE-EE-SEE; here’s a day in the life of an Alabama football player.

    Take Your Skirt Off Tom Brady.

  • Ten of the worst wrestling promos that you’ll ever see.


  • People that hate fantasy football are even more annoying than people that tell us all about their fantasy football leagues. Bleacher Report.
  • Former NBA dancer Briana (one N) is doing porn now. That sounds more like a lateral move to me than anything.


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