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Sadly for us, the Sterger turf in question is, and not posing for Maxim and Playboy.  I guess we'll all just have to keep waiting patiently for that.

Anyway, the pride of Northside contributed to today's Scorecard Daily feature with a light-hearted Chicago-vs-LA comparison as both cities vie for the 2016 Olympic Games.  Disregarding my Spanish favoritism and my hesitance to say anything negative about Jenn Sterger (hey, she's cute and seems nice), I still have to say that Miss Spain does significantly better than everyone's favorite Cowgirl.  Perhaps Cornell really is a better school than Florida State.  Does FSU have a school for aspiring hotel managers?  I fucking think not.

Also, because I only offer the most exciting insider exclusives, click the thumbnail to see the material that WAS TOO RACY FOR SI!!!  Or maybe it just got edited out.  Whatever.

Editor's note on SI: Yes, I had a letter published in this week's SI about the Amaechi quote (they acknowledged my work and regretted the omission, which was very nice of them).  Thanks to the dozens of people who emailed me about this, and to those who stood up and made idiotic excuses for SI in the comments of the old post: feel free to apologize to me in the comments. You know who you are.

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