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LeBron James will be entering the final season of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers this fall. With the uncertainty of his desire to re-sign with that team, the Cavs brass felt the need to make a big move on the eve of the NBA Draft. How big? Roughly 7-feet-1-inch, 325 pounds big. From Y! Sports:

Cleveland will send Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, the 46th pick in Thursday’s draft and cash to the Suns for Shaquille O’Neal.

Cleveland and Phoenix were both juggling multiple trade possibilities with other teams, with the Cavs involved with as many as six trade scenarios.

Stock Lemon reports that Shaq found out about the trade via Twitter, and whether or not that’s true, the deal is one of the major shockwaves rippling through everyone’s draft boards. The other involves a trade executed by the Washington Wizards, acquiring Randy Foye (he of the 16.3 points per game) and Mike Miller (9.9 ppg, 37% 3-pt shooting) for their No. 5 pick and three other players you probably don’t care about.

I’m not sure how Shaq’s move really helps, aside from the obvious fact that the Cavs get to play one fewer white guy now. Is he the last piece of the championship puzzle for Cleveland? Maybe…after they move the team to Columbus, because they’re not winning anything in Cleveland. It’s not like they’re Detroit or anything.

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