11.29.06 11 years ago 6 Comments

Oh, Jeremy Shockey. Where do I begin with this guy? During Sunday's warm-ups, after dislocating a finger so badly that the bone broke through his skin, he told the team's trainers to just cut the finger off (they chose stitches instead of amputation).

Following the game — the Giants blew a 21-0 fourth quarter lead, perhaps you've heard? — Shockey remained undaunted by the team's next opponent, the NFC East-leading Cowboys.

"No one's beat us. We only beat ourselves… No one is capable of hanging around when we play our game. People seen that when we played the Cowboys the first time [a 36-22 Giants win in Dallas]. There is no way they have a chance in hell to beat us when we play our football. And that is the truth. No other team in this league."

Nevemind that that last win came over a Bledsoe-led Cowboys team… wow. To suck so hard in such bad losses (I'm also reminded of an earlier blowout in Seattle) and to not even blink: I can only call that Rumsfeldian.

Somehow I don't think it would be fun to hang out with Shockey on a Friday night. I can't help but think that the night would devolve into shots of Three Wise Men and getting called "you fuckin' pussy" for not wanting to do pull-ups off the side of the Queensboro Bridge.

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