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Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was kind enough to speak to about 500 children at Niketown yesterday, and of course the kids got some insider dirt on this year's possible MVP.

[YES network's Michael] Kay varied his questions for Rodriguez, covering everything from his baseball hero — Cal Ripken, Jr. — to personal likes and dislikes. Any kid that scuffed his or her sneakers at Niketown on Wednesday can now say with confidence that A-Rod's favorite food is Japanese (or pasta or steak), his favorite actor is Michael Douglas, his favorite TV show is "Entourage," and that his favorite ice cream is chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles.

I couldn't be happier that A-Rod's favorite show is Entourage.  For years I've had to explain to tasteless dipshits why a show about a bunch of jackasses hanging out with Hollywood idiots isn't funny or entertaining.  If I told you that the quote you keep repeating is going to get you punched in the Adam's apple, is that something you'd be interested in?  Oh, but Jeremy Piven is funny.  There are hot chicks.  It's an "insider" look at the movie business.  Christ.  I feel like climbing to the top of a mountain and screaming, "It's about douchebags!  Douuuuuchebaaaaags!"  

Now I can just be like, "That's cool.  That's A-Rod's favorite show, too."  Winner: me.

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