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This is gonna be hard for some of you to believe, but there was a shooting outside of a strip club in Decatur, Georgia, and police are — wait for it — looking for Pacman Jones.

Witnesses told police that a man claiming to be the suspended football player became angry when a group of men approached a woman with him and asked her for a dance.  The woman was not a dancer at the club.  The man police think is Jones became upset and threatened the men.  That group told police they left the club and were driving away, but were followed by several armed men.  Police said it appears both groups opened fire, leaving one SUV riddled with bullet holes.  One person was injured by flying debris during the shooting.

God damn it, Pacman Jones.  The first story on Monday morning.  I'm not even warmed up yet.  I'd really appreciate it if he could wait — just once — until mid-week to get involved in a strip club shooting.  But you know how it is.  You ask one chick who isn't a stripper for a lap dance, next thing you know you're chasing people down and shooting at their car.  It's an unavoidable chain of events, like burying a hooker in the desert so you don't have to pay her.

NEWS-Y UPDATE: Totally rad TV report here (via Mac G's World).

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