Soccer? Soccer!

01.18.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Are you a little fed up with big American sports right now? Would you like to watch a crazy soccer goal in a match between Villarreal and Osasuna? Follow me as I point out some things you could miss if you weren’t paying attention in this one-and-a-half long video.

First of all, let’s just say that this goal is crazy, and it’s not the keeper’s fault. You don’t expect a shot like that from midfield, as the announcer in the video mentions. The good news, though: that goalkeeper’s still alive…. for now.

Do you see that guy at 0:15 in the suit who’s yelling and waving around? What might surprise you is that he’s not the manager of the team that just gave up the goal; he’s the one on the scoring side. His name’s Juan Carlos Garrido, and he needs to lighten the f-ck up.

At 0:32, the announcer makes a little joke about Rubén Gracia Calmache (also known as Cani), the player who scored: “Cani? Well, he could.” It sounds like he’s the only guy announcing the game, which is good, because I’m sure if there was another person in the booth who had to hear that awful joke, they would have murdered him on air.

Around 0:45, you get to see the other manager, José Antonio Camacho. It looks like he’s taking it better than Garrido who is, let me repeat, the manager of the team that just scored the goal. Maybe if people in soccer organizations weren’t as insane and emotional as your mom (who forced me to get a restraining order because she’s addicted to what my dick did), they’d get a bigger audience.

In case you were wondering, Villarreal ended up winning the match, 4-2.

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