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Those clamoring for a Republican-led Congress notwithstanding, this LeBron James thing is getting way out of hand. HE HAS TWO MORE YEARS IN CLEVELAND! Are there so few compelling storylines in the NBA that we have to develop them on credit? Depends on how much you like the New York Knicks, who hosted James’ Cavs last night in the Garden. Seems like the Knicks already are positioning themselves already for their best chance to win the upcoming LeBron Sweepstakes. From that one site:

This, however, was the first time that James had entered the building with the locals having legitimate reason to believe their future savior was setting foot in his future home. The game came four nights after the Knicks made two major trades that set the course for the future direction of their franchise, clearing $27 million of salary-cap room for 2010-11 when they traded away Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford.

“July 1, 2010 is probably going to be one of the biggest days in free-agent history in the NBA, a lot of teams are putting themselves in position to get one of those guys, they’re gearing up for that date,” James said before spewing the requisite background quasi-disclaimer on how having the opportunity to win the most championships will ultimately be one of the major deciding factors when he chooses to move on with his life or stick with Cleveland as the center of his universe.

So obviously nobody cared about the game last night, which Cleveland won handily, 119-101. The only real account worth rehashing came from this guy:

During the halftime doggy entertainment at Madison Square Garden this evening, history was made. One of the “K-9s in Flight”, Blitz, was running full speed after a frisbee when he stepped on one of the many used discs that littered the floor. His back paws slipping out from under him, Blitz went airborne and was quickly upside-down and parallel to the ground. Belly-up and probably rather dismayed, he somehow managed to contort his body and swing his head in such a way that, even in his inauspicious flight, he CAUGHT THE DAMN FRISBEE IN HIS MOUTH. It was perhaps the greatest feat of athleticism ever executed in the history of this planet

How much cap space do the Knicks need to sign that dog?

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