This Touchdown Pass By South Carolina Doesn’t Make Any Sense, But It’s Awesome

By: 10.03.15

South Carolina has had a pretty rough 2015, and the Gamecocks are off to the rocky start of 2-2. Even in the team’s two wins, the Gamecocks didn’t exactly look like a national title contender. It’s been kind of tough to watch, especially on the offensive side of the ball, as South Carolina had the second-fewest passing yards per game and the fourth-fewest points per game in the SEC entering Week 5.

Maybe instead of doing traditional stuff in its passing game, South Carolina should try doing whatever happened on Lorenzo Nunez’s eight-yard touchdown pass to Shon Carson in the second quarter of Saturday’s game against Missouri. Nunez looked like he was going to get blown up by a few Tigers defenders, so he threw an off-balance pass that looked like it was going to go right into the arms of a Tigers defender. Instead of the defender coming down with it, South Carolina star receiver Pharoh Cooper turned into an emergency defender and knocked the ball out of his hands.

Normally the ball would just bounce on the ground, but Carson read it as it was coming out of the defender’s hands, caught it before it hit the ground, managed to stay upright, and plowed his way into the end zone. It is probably going to go down as the most inexplicably awesome play in all of college football this week.

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