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St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. Those selected are painstakingly culled from thousands of terrible posts to a manageable five mediocre ones.

  • The Sports Hernia fills in the blanks of the latest Aaron Rodgers comment on the filing of Brett Favre's reinstatement papers. Yeah, that's probably how I'd react too, if only the text came in a letter bomb.
  • Awful Announcing stumbles upon a signed a signed Joe Buck business card on sale on eBay. Truly a disgusting act, but not half as disgusting as what I'd do to Carolina Ardohain.
  • Athlists (via Deadspin) offers up video of quite possibly the 20 most painful, least athletic dunk attempts ever. The outtake of my appearance in a Dunkaroos commercial is somehow absent.
  • Shutdown Corner looks at the four NFL players most likely to survive a shark attack. It just so happens they're also the four most deserving of one. The universe is a cruel mistress.
  • Lion in Oil finds the fan of a soccer team suing the club because its losses cause him mental anguish. That sound you hear is lawyers in Cleveland clearing their schedules.

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