Matt Stafford Is Out Here Trucking Defensive Linemen

Tennessee Titans cornerback Perrish Cox probably thought he was going to get a good shot in on Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford when he came bounding up the middle of the field on Sunday. He was wrong.

Stafford lowered his shoulder and took the seventh-year NFL vet off his feet and drove him into the turf. Emboldened by his success, he then took on two more Titans defenders as he drove forward for more yardage. It was a gain of seven for Stafford. For Cox, the emotional and physical loss has yet to properly register.

The Fox broadcast seems more worried about the second hit Stafford took at the end of the run. Their concern should be with Cox, who had to briefly reevaluate his life and choices after Stafford hit the proverbial truck stick and drove on through with ease.

In all fairness to Cox, the Lions quarterback has three inches and about 40 pounds on the cornerback. But that man is paid to hit, and Matt Stafford is paid to throw backbreaking fourth quarter interceptions. Most people cringe when a quarterback intentionally runs into a defender. Robert Griffin III has basically destroyed his professional career doing exactly that. Stafford, apparently, is up to the task.

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