Sterling Sharpe Likes Michael Vick

09.18.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

Michael Vick had a hell of a game, huh? Just look at that picture. No wonder he ran for 127 yards. He's fucking levitating. That's the power of herpes, friends. All that shit about sores on your genitals is government propaganda designed to prevent people from flying to work.

During halftime of the Sunday night game, Sterling Sharpe agreed with me about Vick being good. Then he added, "You can't judge Michael Vick on his throwing." So, so true. Once you start judging quarterbacks for their throwing, it's a slippery slope down to judging running backs on their running and wide receivers on their receiving… then you start making sense, then you're no longer qualified to be a TV analyst.

I think if there's a lesson here, it's go out and have unprotected sex, because herpes = the power of flight.

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