10.27.09 8 years ago

We didn’t get to this yesterday (we didn’t finish the photo edit in time) but the comment that Bob Griese made about Juan Pablo Montoya “out having a taco” seemed so innocuous that it wasn’t even worthy of mention. ESPN thought otherwise–and suspended Griese for a week.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz says Griese will not be working a game this week. Krulewitz says ESPN has spoken to Griese and “he understands the comment was inappropriate.” –AP, sent in by Oliver.

And on Hispanic Heritage Month, too! But then again, it’s also “Breast Awareness Month” and “Apathy Toward Barely Racist Remarks Month.” I mean, Montoya’s Colombian, and he’s already said that he doesn’t care. You’d have to, like, steal that guy’s cocaine to really get him upset…What?

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