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Erin Andrews has been named America’s Sexiest Sportscaster for the second year running, but perhaps Playboy should open up the competition to foreign candidates: Charlotte Jackson of the UK’s Setanta Sports News has the same kind of fervent following across the pond that Erin Pageviews garners here.  And by “fervent” I mean “sweaty, unshaven, and likely to masturbate in a public restroom.”

Charlie is an avid soccer fan who, unlike Andrews, happened to do a little bit of modeling before her present gig.  In other words, the British version is way way better.  What’s the matter, Erin?  Think you don’t need to get photographed in lingerie because you’re well-established and credible and competent?  Are you too good for us or something?

You are?  Oh.  All right then.  Carry on.

[Sports by Brooks / Fan IQ]

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