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UPDATE: Noted KSK commenter StuScottBooyahs and nine others still have perfect brackets in the UPROXX Pool of Awesome. Thanks to all 1381 people that entered.

We, and by “we” I mean “you,” were subjected to a lot of claptrap about the NCAA should expand its basketball tournament to 96 teams and that anyone that thought it was a bad idea was an old fogey that hated America. And while these people managed (I guess) to refute some of the criticisms, they never managed to give an argument in favor of expansion. But fortunately, the tournament finally started and everyone started watching basketball. Everyone…except Dan Shanoff.

In fact, yesterday’s results were a reminder that the anti-expansion prudes who claim to be defending the sanctity of the NCAA Tournament paternalistically diminish the essential elements that make the Tournament so unique.

But fans know what the real strength of the NCAA Tournament is: It’s the unexpected upset busting your region. It’s the buzzer-beaters. It’s skipping out of work mid-afternoon to the bar on the corner. It’s “How’s your bracket look?” –Sporting Blog.

I like Dan and he and I have been hashing this out already, but the quantities of upsets and truancy don’t necessarily expand with a bigger tournament, especially with the NCAA’s historical preference of including mediocre “BCS teams” in lieu of over-achieving mid-majors. After what someone already has called the best Day One ever, it’s hard to argue for adjusting anything. The party doesn’t automatically get better by inviting more guests, unless of course Shanoff intends to cover the bar tab.

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