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It’s official … he’s back in Cleveland! No, not this guy.


Yankees-Athletics: Live-Blogging The Luncheon For The Friends Of Eric Plunk – Jon and Nick of The Dugout (if they ever actually want to write them) spend six hours and change live-blogging a baseball game. In a related story, Eric Plunk is probably the worst and ugliest motherf**ker of all time. [SBN]

Technique Video Of the Day: 10th Planet Leg Lock – Joanne Spracklen is somebody I feel like you should know about, and given how easy it is for MMA girls who don’t look like Ghouls to get leading lady action movie roles, you might as well jump on her bandwagon now. [Cage Potato]

NBA Lockout Report: Derrick Williams Dunks On People – Brandon’s personal NBA Lockout Report: he is probably never going to get up to Dallas and see a Mavericks game live, is he? [TSS]

It’s Draft Season And Women Be Bringin’ You Down: The KSK Sex/Fantasy Football Mailbag – Worth clicking for Nathan Explosion in the header, even more worth clicking for the huge Saved By The Bell gif. I should start the With Leather Saved By The Bell/Fantasy Baseball Mailbag. [KSK]

Not Sports

Jim Carrey’s Love Letter to Emma Stone, as Read by His Ass – I don’t really blame him for (fake) pouring his heart out on the Internet, but Real Talk, Bryce Dallas Howard was a way hotter Gwen Stacy. I know you don’t agree with me already, but I will die defending this. [Film Drunk]

The Hilarious (and Dead On) Caricatures of Cartoonist Pete Emslie – What would your favorite celebrity look like if they showed up on the Flintstones? Find out here! Ah man, I wish that’s what this was. Natalie Port-rock! [UPROXX]

The Wire Inspired Motivational Posters Are Inspiring, Motivational – Needs more “”You gonna help, huh? You gonna look out for me? You gonna look out for me, Sgt. Carver?” but still outstanding. Stringer Bell was the best. [UPROXX]

Hustler Says They’re Close to Releasing Rihanna Sex Tape – Hopefully it’s with Jon Hamm and features a cameo from Shy Ronnie. [FARK]

15 Year-Old Girl Gets a Bionic Hand – Pretty cool, but call me when she can shoot it at ledges and use it to swing in and attack Nazis. For a more concise reference, “I hope she named it Fisto!” [Warming Glow]

The Best of 1960’s Spider-Man, Part 2 – I sincerely advise anyone who clicks this to go on Netflix and actually watch the old Spider-Man cartoon, as it is super hilarious and trippy. It has the laziest backgrounds this side of Caillou, and near the end just turns into colors and noises. [Gamma Squad]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About New York City and Hurricanes – I don’t know anything about New York City OR Hurricanes, so this was extremely informative. I did see The Hurricane wrestle in New York City once, does that count? [Buzzfeed]

Tom Cruise’s Ladies, Past and Present: Oh, the Horror! – If Tom Cruise is indeed heterosexual, I would prefer his celebrity female take to Derek Jeter’s. I’d miss Scarlett Johansson, and Katie Holmes didn’t show up until she was already aging out of Joey Potter, but Sofia Vergara and pre-MILF Mimi Rogers MORE than make up for it. [Moviefone]

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