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The offensive and defensive squads of the New Orleans Saints competed for an extra hour of curfew in a relay race on a water slide Wednesday, and linebacker Scott Fujita collided with defensive end Charles Grant:

"That was a sight," tailback Deuce McAllister said, able to laugh about it a day later. "He went out the box. If Charles hadn't been there to stop him, he could have gone further."

Uhhh, are we still talking about water slides because my sphincter just tightened. Tight end Billy Miller really enjoyed himself:

[H]e made the mistake of lowering his head while going down a slide head-first. "You know what the problem was, growing up in California, you get used to ducking those waves. And for some strange reason I put my head down and smacked it on the slide," Miller said. "I got up and was like, 'Man, I hit my head. Let's do it again.' And everybody was looking at me like, 'You're bleeding.' 

The main issue isn't that Billy grew up in California (though that may have something to do with it), and those looks he interpreted as "you're bleeding", they were actually saying "you're severely mentally retarded". -KD

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