11.16.06 11 years ago 7 Comments

A tipster sends me this bit of news from Fleshbot — Lord knows I would never go to a porn blog — and kids, this is something you need to get your mommy and daddy's permission to read about.

So, okay: Dutch soccer. Not something I follow, but a goalkeeper named Stefan Postma who plays for ADO Den Haag recently had a sex tape leaked onto the Internet. Sexy! It's with his blonde ex-girlfriend. Excellent. She's wearing a strap-on and has him bent over like a little bitch. Uhhh…

The Fleshbot link has a relatively SFW screen capture — as well as links to the Flash video, if you're the sordidly curious type — but I'm just going to leave this one alone. I'm not one to judge people's habits in the bedroom. I mean, I think this is pretty sexy, so I'm not exactly one to talk.

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