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Meet Bibiana Julian. She recently turned 19 and is presently enjoying her rookie season as a Dolphins cheerleader. And according to FHM, she is the sexiest NFL cheerleader.

Well, let's see… she was part of a whopping pool of 10 girls on the All-FHM team (there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 NFL cheerleaders), and she got elected the winner in an online poll. Sounds pretty scientific to me. Like that formula I made up that proved I was America's hunkiest blogger. Matt + you = best sex ever. It's science.

Now, don't get me wrong: I would punch myself in the balls if it meant Bibiana would nurse them back to health. But the sexiest NFL cheerleader? C'mon. That's like picking out a snowflake and declaring it the most perfectly designed. They're all beautiful, unique gifts from God.

Predictably, fans of their hometown cheer babes are already disputing the results, and I'm going to throw fuel on the fire by saying that, as far as men's magazines covering cheerleaders goes, Maxim did it a fuckload better (particularly with the Eagles' JanetteRawr!).

And, because some of you corporate drones are probably blocked from FHM and Maxim, I thought I'd take the liberty of putting the rest of Bibiana's photo shoot here, plus a couple of Janette. Why? Because I can.

Unsexy update: Turns out the FHM lawyers don't appreciate copyright infringement, so the Bibiana pictures had to go. It's okay, I liked Janette better anyway.

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