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Yesterday we all sat around the campfire while the media told us the scary story of the soccer star who hired three prostitutes — only to learn that the hookers had meat-sticks instead of Hot Pockets, if you know what I'm saying.  And I think you do.  Because you heard it yesterday.

Today we get more word of Ronaldo, as well as photos of one of the lovely she-dudes he picked up.  There's also a report that Ronaldo's girlfriend has dumped him, with the possibility that sponsors will follow suit.

According to Brazilian paper "Extra", Maria Beatriz Antony, who lived with Ronaldo up to a few days ago, returned to her parents in Brasilia. Friends told the paper that she repeatedly complained about Ronaldo's type of nightlife in Brazil since the player's return because of an injured knee. So his latest escapade may only be the final straw that tipped the balance against him.

"Extra" claims that Nike is considering unilateral termination of his contract and a request for damages as provided in a clause. "We are still collecting information, there is nothing official yet" is what spokesperson David Grinberg said on behalf of Nike's brazil office. The contract that ties Ronaldo to Nike is lifelong and is worth in excess of 100 million dollars.

Losing your girlfriend and a $100 million sounds bad until you factor in that at least he figured out the hookers were men before they started having sex.  So really, he came out ahead here.

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