Usman Ahmed Is A Boxing Superstar

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02.11.11 5 Comments

Last year, British boxer Usman Ahmed lost to Ashley Sexton* for the English super flyweight title, and prior to that Ahmed had lost to Chris Edwards for the British super flyweight title. He also lost to Luke Wilton for the Commonwealth super flyweight title. Ahmed has a career record of 6-3-1 and is clearly nothing to brag about. And yet as I type this before my morning cup of Four Loko, Ahmed is currently the biggest name in the world of boxing.

Why is this man a star, you ask? Because his ring entrance is ridiculous and awesome. Appearing to weigh in around 30 pounds soaking wet, Ahmed puts on a dancing clinic for his fellow Derby faithful in attendance. But alone that’s not enough to make a man an Internet sensation. Thankfully, someone took footage of Ahmed’s entrances from his fights with Sexton and Edwards and mashed them together to make one incredibly long entrance, and then they capped it off with footage of Sexton knocking Ahmed out in the first round. It may be old, but it’s really quite delightful.

Video after the jump…

*A guy named Ashley? What a loser!

(Video via Buzzfeed)

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