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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has a few issues. Confidence is not one of them, as evidenced by his appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio show, which might be the second greatest audio program hosted by a guy named Dan:

Dan asked Vick where he ranks among NFL QBs. “Top 10, to be honest, I’m confident in my skills,” Vick said.

Dan asked Vick when he and his agent plan to make a move. “We didn’t put a timetable on it,” Vick said. –Dan Patrick/

The obvious response? If a meteor came hurtling toward earth from space, broke up into pieces over the US and somehow managed to wipe out the entire AFC, Vick still wouldn’t be in the top ten. Here’s a better question: Even though Vick has three Pro Bowls to his credit, was he ever in the top ten, statistically speaking? My dream scenario for 2010: Vick starts on the same team…with Terrell Owens. Whichever team ends up with those two will need to expand their locker rooms for both of their egos.

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