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You know your life is depraved when word of a new lingerie commercial qualifies as news.  Of course, as a sports fan, the alternate is looking up "stats" and "analysis," and I got sleepy just typing those two words.  So lingerie news it is!

Victoria's Secret will advertise during FOX's broadcast of the National Football League's Super Bowl XLII airing on Sunday, February 3rd. The advertisement is part of the brand's Valentine's Day marketing efforts, which also include a pre-Bowl VIP party [and some other PR crap].

"Valentine's Day is an important holiday for the brand and with this year's Super Bowl being positioned so close to February 14th, we had a unique opportunity to use one of the year's highest rated television programs as a vehicle to launch our efforts surrounding Valentine's Day," says Victoria's Secret Chief Marketing Officer Jill Beraud.

Okay fine.  I'll buy my favorite stripper something lacy.  Just show the ad already. 

In a related story, I'll be in Arizona for the Super Bowl festivities, so now would be a good time for the Victoria's Secret people to send me an invitation to that VIP party.  I don't know if the first one got lost in the mail or what.  I explained to them that I was a blogg– Oh.  I think I see where I went wrong.

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