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Christmas Ape found this blog moderated by a dude claiming to be the brother of Steelers defensive back William Gay, and there’s absolutely no context to this, but I have a feeling that won’t hamper your enjoyment of it:

This is my brother William Gay a motherf_ckin Superbowl Champ…wut u say bout that…a ol city boy from 850 done got himself a motherf_ckin diamond ring..

NOW, u can take the n_gga out the hood,but u cant take the hood out the n_gga…this n_gga go hard huh…WHAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

I hope those underscores didn’t ruin it for you, but this begs the question. Is he William Gay’s brother? Or, you know, his brutha? Seeing as I didn’t read the top post on the blog at this writing, I guess we’ll never know.

|VBryant from Dash It Out, via Christmas Ape|

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