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Let It Go In ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ With These Cathartic ‘Frozen’ Mods


'Frozen' and 'Grand Theft Auto IV' have finally been combined in two computer mods benefiting from a spot of the old ultra-violence.


Honest Trailer Reminds Us Why ‘RoboCop’ Movies Should Never Be PG-13

By | 9 Comments

This honest trailer is rated R for RoboCop, because that's how you make a f**king RoboCop movie.


Watch How Many Times Harry And Marv Would Die If ‘Home Alone’ Were Real

By | 10 Comments

If 'Home Alone' were medically accurate, Harry and Marv would be dead so many times over. Here's a video breakdown of the fatal violence.


A Hockey Player Got Suspended, Then Fired For Trying To Gouge Out His Opponent’s Eyeballs

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Hockey player Derek Campbell was banned for 47 games, then fired for attacking an opponent, bludgeoning him in the head and trying to rip out his eyes. Yikes.


Slovenia’s Jasmin Popara Teaches A Master Class In How To Make Somebody’s Head Explode

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Slovenia's Jasmin Popara wins the bloodiest 2-minute MMA fight you'll ever watch by making his opponent's entire head explode. Not literally, but it's close.


The Best Of The 'Grand Theft Auto' Cop Meme

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Did you ever laugh about how arbitrary the police procedures in Grand Theft Auto were.

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