It’s Superman Vs. The Army In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Action Comics’ #29


Superman goes up against the Army in this exclusive preview of 'Action Comics' #29.


Exclusive Preview: ‘Action Comics’ #23


In 'Action Comics' #23, Superman is fighting arrogant alien warriors on the Moon's surface. In other words, what he does every Thursday.


Guy Finds Action Comics #1, The Most Valuable Comic Ever, Hidden Inside The Walls Of His House

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A guy in Minnesota bought a house for $10,100 and found a copy of Action Comics #1 (the most valuable comic ever) in the wall. Then it got weird.

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Let’s Celebrate Superman’s 75th Anniversary With Cosplay

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Today marks the 75th anniversary of Superman's debut in Action Comics #1. We celebrate with 30 examples of excellent Superman and Supergirl cosplay.

Andy Diggle

‘Action Comics’ Loses Its Writer As Superman Continues To Be Creator Kryptonite

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Writer Andy Diggle is the latest creator to walk out on Superman...

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4 ‘New 52′ Series That Started Great Then Lost Their Way

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These are the New 52 titles that seemed full of potential a year ago, but have since lost their way...


Will Nic Cage’s Copy Of Action Comics #1 Break The Record?

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Back in 2000, three rare comic books (including a very high grade copy of Action Comics #1) were stolen out of high security picture frames in Nicolas Cage's home around the same time he was throwing a party (an awesome party, apparently).

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Christian Bans Grant Morrison, Internet Reacts Calmly. Not.

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So, in "Action Comics" #1, Superman gets blown up at one point and mutters "GD".

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