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Check Your PayPal Balance, The World’s Most Valuable Comic Book Has Hit Ebay

The finest known copy of Action Comics #1 is up for auction.


It’s Superman Vs. The Army In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Action Comics’ #29

Superman goes up against the Army in this exclusive preview of 'Action Comics' #29.


Exclusive Preview: ‘Action Comics’ #23

In 'Action Comics' #23, Superman is fighting arrogant alien warriors on the Moon's surface. In other words, what he does every Thursday.


Guy Finds Action Comics #1, The Most Valuable Comic Ever, Hidden Inside The Walls Of His House


A guy in Minnesota bought a house for $10,100 and found a copy of Action Comics #1 (the most valuable comic ever) in the wall. Then it got weird.


Let’s Celebrate Superman’s 75th Anniversary With Cosplay


Today marks the 75th anniversary of Superman's debut in Action Comics #1. We celebrate with 30 examples of excellent Superman and Supergirl cosplay.


‘Action Comics’ Loses Its Writer As Superman Continues To Be Creator Kryptonite


Writer Andy Diggle is the latest creator to walk out on Superman...


4 ‘New 52′ Series That Started Great Then Lost Their Way


These are the New 52 titles that seemed full of potential a year ago, but have since lost their way...


Will Nic Cage’s Copy Of Action Comics #1 Break The Record?


Back in 2000, three rare comic books (including a very high grade copy of Action Comics #1) were stolen out of high security picture frames in Nicolas Cage's home around the same time he was throwing a party (an awesome party, apparently).


Christian Bans Grant Morrison, Internet Reacts Calmly. Not.


So, in "Action Comics" #1, Superman gets blown up at one point and mutters "GD".

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