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Jimmy Fallon and Ice T Debut Some Sony PS4 Gameplay

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Sony debuted PS4 gameplay in which Jimmy Fallon and Ice T try out augmented reality game 'The PlayRoom'.


Another Video Of Google Glass That Looks Too Good To Be Real

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Google released a new promo video about their Google Glass augmented reality headsets and launched a program for pre-ordering a pair for yourself.


'Blue Screen Of Death' Steps Its Game Up: If Microsoft Made Google Glasses


A couple days ago, Cajun Boy introduced us to the <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/technology/2012/04/google-would-like-to-introduce-you-to-project-glass-the-eyewear-of-the-future/">Google-produced video</a> about their once-secret Project Glass.


Marvel Is Putting Augmented Reality Into Your Comics

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Hey, remember last year, when DC decided to go day-and-date digital, and wound up largely <a href="http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/02/10/dc-comics-readers-survey-reports-new-52-readership-93-male/">sucking back in former DC readers</a> who just couldn't get to a comics shop anymore.


Google To Bring Out AR Glasses, Make Us All Look Dumb


Look, we're all for augmented reality and overlays: we all want a HUD, even if instead of ammo capacity and shields, it's telling us to buy milk and that we have a text message.


Warren Ellis Writes Comic About Augmented Reality In Invisible Ink


SVK is a new one-shot from Warren Ellis and Matt "D'Israeli" Brooker (along with London design firm BERG).


Augmented Reality Girls Even Sadder Than Marrying a Pillow


OK, I'm just going to ask the question everybody's been thinking ever since those dudes married to pillows hit the news and now this.


3D HDTV Turned Into Cheap VR System


Greg Dawe (pictured) and Tom DeFanti at UC San Diego have built a virtual reality system providing haptic feedback out of a $2,300 Samsung 3D TV and other components, at a total cost of about $7,000 (head tracking not included).


Guy Turns Desk Lamp Into Robotic Computer Assistant

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You're reading about Coke while drinking Coke.


Scientists Create Virtual Cockroaches, Because They Can

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If there's one thing all human beings hate, it's cockroaches, because they're disgusting little creatures who are nonetheless highly entertaining when somebody else is subjected to them.

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Wii-Mote Plus Tiny Projector Plus Zapper Equals VR


Most of us gave up on VR quite a while ago, as this bemulleted, acid washed picture can attest.



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Babak Amir Parviz and his students at the University of Washington are working on solar-powered contact lenses with a semi-transparent LED display.

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