This Magic Leap Demo Shows Off The Mind-Blowing Possibilities Of Augmented Reality

The term Augmented Reality has come into the forefront for consumers of late thanks to the release of the red-hot Augmented Reality game Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go allows users to walk through their neighborhoods spying through their phones, waiting for pokemon to appear on their screen so they can catch ’em and increase their collection. It uses Augmented Reality tech on a massive scale, but Augmented Reality might be useful for more than just games, though, as Magic Leap has been looking to prove.

A recent demo in China showed off the Magic Leap platform, which will be used through a wearable piece of technology, says Mashable. The demo shows the Magic Leap platform in action, with it first measuring real life items to create a point of reference, then is able to display objects inside of an area in full 3D. The video shows a lamp introduced to a room, allowing the user to rotate the object that was filming with the lamp looking like it was actually, physically inside of the room.

This isn’t a cheap trick, this is an actual, working technology that is being developed right now. With Virtual Reality being talked about as the future of entertainment, it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider Augmented Reality as another technology that could prove to be transformative for society, making a bigger impact on daily life.

(Via Mashable)