The 10 Best Bad Boy Singles Not Made By Biggie Smalls

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Give Puffy some credit for maintaining a roster that can stand behind the massive legacy of the Notorious one.

Where The Hell Is

Where The Hell Is… Da Band?

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What do tall tees, fitted caps stitched with every NBA team logo and Da Band have in common.

Where The Hell Is

Where The Hell Is… Craig Mack?

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"You won’t be around next year…" Yikes.


10 Diddy Songs That Don’t Suck

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In 1997, Sean "Diddy" Combs infamously told the world a decade later Bad Boy would still be standing upon Hip-Hop's Mount Olympus.

#Jay Z

Side Effects: Mariah Carey’s Top 20 Hip-Hop Collabos

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For over two decades, <a href="">Mariah Carey</a> has been knocking out hits and keeping her name relevant.


Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Mike Posner – “On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2)”

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Having the Bad Boy brand on your back is definitely a good look connections-wise, but it's also undoubtedly adding to the pressure for <a href="">MGK</a>.


Dirty Money’s Last Train Is Still Full Steam Ahead

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<a href=""> Go head and lounge on the pillow if you want to, but Diddy and the girls with the filthy Ben Franks manufactured <a href="">a pretty sound and solid piece of plastic</a> with the Last Train To Paris.

Swizz Beatz

Yep, Another One Of Those Diddy Posts

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<a href=""> I had a strong suspicion that <a href="">Puff’s latest</a> wasn’t going to wind up being as bad as everyone hopes.


A History Of Bad Boy Fails

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<a href=""> As much as I detest Puffy, I have to admit he got faded by the Jay's - both Electronica & Z - and I do have a minor bit of pity for him. Still, I smirked too because karma came back, socking poor Puff in the chest to the point that it <a href="">#hurtswhenbreathe</a>.

The Lox

The Lox Like Getting Done Over By Puffy

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The devil is alive I feel him breathing © Kanye <a href="">Alley Boy</a>, I know you've got your mixtape coming.


“The Road To Redemption…” – Shyne To Be Released On October 6

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Disclaimer: This isn't meant to relive Shyne's actions that December 1999 night.


Cassie Feat. Diddy – “Must Be Love” Video

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Any way you wanna look at it (overhead, broadside, frontal) Ms.

The Notorious B.I.G.

“Representin’ BK To Tha Fullest…”

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You never need a special occasion to honor Christopher Wallace.

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