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Thug Notes: To Kill a Mockingbird


Sparky Sweets drops a critical summary and analysis of the time Scout learned to keep it real.


Maurice Sendak Google Doodle


Google honors what would have been the 85th birthday of Maurice Sendak, the beloved author and illustrator of children's books, with an animated "doodle" of its logo.


California Officials Debating Whether Or Not Inmates Can Read Werewolf Erotica. Seriously.

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The California Court of Appeals determined that an inmate's copy of 'The Silver Crown', which features werewolf erotica, does not qualify as overly obscene.


Amazon Enters The Fan Fiction Business. This Will End In Fire.

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In which we rant about writers getting screwed again, this time by Amazon's new Kindle Worlds fan fiction store.

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Guy Fieri’s New Book Appears To Be Every Bit The Literary Abortion You Thought It Would Be

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Here's an actual sentence from Guy Fieri's new book: “It was a lightning bolt of an idea in Flavortown that pranked the un-prankable mayor, Guy Fieri.” It's all downhill from there.


‘Coverflip’ Project Wants You To Gender Swap The Author Of Your Favorite Book

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See a collection of the best "Coverflip" examples, which gender swaps authors of famous books.


Make It Finger Lickin' Good: 5 Events The Beastie Boys Should Write About In Their Memoir

By | 13 Comments

The remaining Beastie Boys members are writing a memoir. Here are five events in their history they should write about it.


‘Peter Cushing: A Life In Film’ Is A Genre Geek’s Dream

By | 4 Comments

Peter Cushing is probably best known to you as <a href="">Grand Moff Tarkin</a>.


Here’s Your Summer Reading List: 10 Books, Graphic Novels, And Plays Being Turned Into Movies

By | 16 Comments

This summer there are a number of TV shows and films coming out that are based on great reads. Before you rush to the theaters, hit up your local library for these selected titles.


A Boston Man Found Over $20,000 In A Hollowed-Out Book While Rummaging Through Garbage

By | 7 Comments

A Boston man found $20,000 in a hollowed-out book, and is set to keep it if no one claims it in the next month.


Let’s Rank The 10 Best Films Based On Michael Crichton Novels, Shall We?

By | 39 Comments

With Jurassic Park 3D hitting theaters, let's look back on all the Michael Crichton books that made their way to the big screen.


‘Perfection Is Awful’ And Other Things We Learned From Kelly Oxford’s Chat With Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde interviewed Kelly Oxford about her new book, "Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar," in New York City on Monday. Here's what we learned.


‘Web Of The City’, Harlan Ellison’s First Novel, Returns To Print


Harlan Ellison is the most awarded SF author still working... and his first novel is finally coming back into print.


Max Allan Collins On ‘Seduction Of The Innocent’ And The Darker Side Of Comics History

By | 2 Comments

Gamma Squad talks with mystery writer Max Allan Collins about comic books, comics history, and why he set a mystery during the '50s comics witch hunts.

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'The Art Of Dead Space' Offers An In-Depth Look At The Franchise

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'The Art of Dead Space' offers a granular and gorgeous look at the gaming franchise.


Hold On To Your Butts: Dennis Rodman Wrote A Book About Acceptance For Children

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We may have found the second book for the <a href="" target="_blank">With Leather Book Club</a> Dennis Rodman, the former NBA great whose off-the-court life has included multiple arrests for domestic abuse, a nolo contendere to drunk driving and a tag team pro wrestling match against Karl Malone, has written a children's book.


Dan Harmon's First Book Drops At Midnight, You Guys

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A Dan Harmon book, you say? YES PLEASE! The title: "You'll Be Perfect When You're Dead: The Collected Online Writings of Dan Harmon"

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